Internment Camps

List of Prisoner of War Camps in Canada

Internment camps were initially identified by a Letter designation (example “R” referred to the camp at Red Rock, Ontario) but these were eventually replaced by a number (example, Camp 132 at Medicine Hat, Alberta). The number of the camp referred to the Military District it was located in (Alberta was Military District 13 so all internment camps in Alberta had a “13” prefix) with an additional digit to differentiate it from others.

EMS: Enemy Merchant Seamen
ORs: Other Ranks

Number Letter Location Dates of Operation Type of Prisoners
Quebec, Quebec 1939 Civilians
L Cove Fields, Quebec 1940 Civilians
R Red Rock, Ontario 1940-1941 Civilians and EMS
T Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 1940 Civilians
10* Chatham, Ontario 1944-1945 EMS and ORs
10* Fingal, Ontario 1945-1946 EMS and ORs
20 C Gravenhurst, Ontario 1940-1946 Officers and ORs
21 E Espanola, Ontario 1940-1943 ORs
22 M New Toronto, Ontario 1940-1944 EMS and Civilians
23 Q Monteith, Ontario 1940-1946 EMS, Civilians, and ORs
30 Bowmanville, Ontario 1941-1945 Officers and ORs
31 F Kingston, Ontario 1940-1943 EMS and Civilians
32 Hull, Quebec 1941-1947 EMS, Civilians, and ORs
33 P Petawawa, Ontario 1939-1946 EMS, Civilians, and ORs
40 A Farnham, Quebec 1940-1946 EMS, Civilians, Officers, and ORs
41 I Ile-Aux-Noix, Quebec 1940-1943 Refugees
42 N Sherbrooke, Quebec 1940-1946 EMS and Civilians
43 S St. Helen’s Island, Quebec 1940-1943 Italian Civilians
44 Grande Ligne, Quebec 1943-1946 Officers and ORs
45 Sorel, Quebec 1945-1946 Officers and ORs
70 B Fredericton, New Brunswick 1940-1945 Civilians and EMS
100 W Neys, Ontario 1941-1946 EMS, Civilians, Officers, and ORs
101 X Angler, Ontario 1941-1946 Japanese Civilians and ORs
130 K Seebe, Alberta 1939-1946 EMS, Civilians, Officers, and ORs
132 Medicine Hat, Alberta 1943-1946 ORs
133** Ozada, Alberta 1942 ORs
133** Lethbridge, Alberta 1942-1946 ORs
135 Wainwright, Alberta 1944-1946 Officers and ORs

* – Camp 10 at Chatham, Ontario relocated to Fingal, Ontario.
** – Camp 133 at Ozada, Alberta was a temporary camp and was replaced by Camp 133 at Lethbridge, Alberta.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, Internment Camps: Second World War, Finding Aid, pg. 95-97.

Note: If you don’t see the camp you are looking for on this list, it is most likely due to the fact that you are looking for a PoW Labour Project rather than an Internment Camp. To learn more about Labour Projects, please click here.

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