POWs and “the good ol’ hockey game”

On first glance, it may seem a simple photo of a hockey game and soldiers looking on. But on a closer look, something stands out – the soldiers are not Canadian. They are German. This picture, which I was very pleased to add to my collection, is a relatively rare photo of German POWs atContinue reading “POWs and “the good ol’ hockey game””

I hope there aren’t any late fines…

Ergebnisheft zum Rechenbuch: für den Unterricht in der Wehrmacht and in English, the Results Booklet for Arithmetic Book: for the Teaching of the Wehrmacht Printed in Dresden in 1938, this small book has had an interesting life. As the stamps on the front suggest, some time in the early 1940s, the German Red Cross sentContinue reading “I hope there aren’t any late fines…”