“Men of Vimy”

  “They were the men of the Canadian Veterans’ Guards. Old soldiers who had not faded away but who have returned to serve with their sons.” An appropriate video considering the 98th anniversary of Vimy Ridge on April 9. The Canadian Army Newsreels series was produced by the Canadian Army Film Unit during the warContinue reading ““Men of Vimy””

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my readers! Here’s a particularly relevant piece from my collection, a Christmas card send from PoWs to one of their captors. This card is addressed to Sergeant-Major James Ogilvie Thomson, a member of the Veterans’ Guard who was employed as the camp quartermaster at CampContinue reading “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

November 11, 1944 – Camp 132

“The white and glistening snow that has freshly fallen seems to be an omen reflecting the purity of our hearts and the purpose of aims. We who have given and offered out lives for a just cause and have again and would again now, pause to pay our homage and tribute to those who haveContinue reading “November 11, 1944 – Camp 132”

New Page – Veterans Guard of Canada

Well after a lengthy break, I am back at it. I’ve added a new page to the website dedicated to the Veterans Guard of Canada. This is the start of what I hope to be a larger section that will provide more information about the Veterans Guard and its members while also providing some resourcesContinue reading “New Page – Veterans Guard of Canada”

Digitized Colour Photos of the Canadian Army

I apologize if this is old news, but I was just made aware that Library and Archives Canada finished digitized their “ZK” prefixed photos. Taken between WWII and the mid-1960s, the collection includes over 3,600 colour images of the Canadian Army. More information on the collection is available here and a finding aid is alsoContinue reading “Digitized Colour Photos of the Canadian Army”