27 Company, Veterans Guard of Canada

No. 27 Company, Veterans Guard of Canada

Likely taken in the Summer of 1943, this photograph shows No. 27 Company of the Veterans Guard of Canada. The photo was taken in front of Hillcrest Hall, Ross Barracks, while the company was training in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Ross Barracks, formerly Ross School, was converted into a barracks during the Second World War and used as a training centre for the Veterans Guard. After the war, it reverted back to a school.

Unfortunately, none of the individuals are named. As of June 19, 1944, the company was stationed at Camp 133 (Lethbridge) and numbered 243 men – ten officers, one warrant officer, one CQMS, nine Sergeants, and 222 other ranks. The officers, some – if not all – of whom appear in this photograph, included:

  • Major William Storm (Commanding Officer)
    • Aged 47.
    • Served overseas from 1915 to 197 in the Royal Engineers and then served with the Indian Army from 1918 to 1922.
    • Seated in front row, twentieth from the left.
  • Captain William Hamilton (Second in Command).
    • Aged 46
    • Served with the PPCLI between 1916 and 1919.
    • Seated in front row, nineteenth from the left.
  • Lieutenant Frank Scott Sutherland
    • Aged 48
    • Served with 15th H.L.I. and 23rd H.L.I. from 1916 to 1918.
  • Lieutenant Thomas Joseph Bride
    • Aged 54
    • Served with R.A.S.C. between 1917 and 1923
  • Lieutenant Denis Hugh Coghlan
    • Aged 54
    • Served in the 4th Hussars from 1914 to 1918
  • Lieutenant Alan Victor Dagg
    • Aged 51
    • Served in the Punjabis, Indian Army from 1914 to 1923
  • Lieutenant George Francis Crowe
    • Aged 55
    • Served in the 5th CMR, 59th Battalion, 130th Battalion, and the 1st Canadian Tramway Corps from 1915-1919
  • Lieutenant Arthur William May, MC and Bar
    • Aged 51
    • Served in the 21st Battalion from 1914 to 1919
    • Seated in front row, thirteenth from the right
  • Lieutenant John Selwyn Browning, MC
    • Aged 48
    • Served with 19th Alberta Dragoons and with 2nd and 3rd Duke of Wellington Regiment from 1915 to 1919
  • Lieutenant Walter Pirie Wilson
    • Aged 44
    • Served in 157 Brigade “G” Battery from 1915 to 1919

Source: “Confidential Report on Officers, No. 27 Active Company, Veterans Guard of Canada C.A.,” June 15, 1944, C8328-833 – Inspector General’s Inspection Report – No. 27 Company Veterans Guard of Canada, C.A., C-4989, RG24, LAC.

Click on the image below for a larger copy. Recognize anyone? Let me know!

Published by Michael O'Hagan

Historian studying German Prisoners of War in Canada during the Second World War

One thought on “27 Company, Veterans Guard of Canada

  1. Great photo, thanks ! I’ve attached a photo from the September 1943 issue of COMINCO Magazine ( now Tech Metals, Trail BC Operation) describing No. 27 Coy as the “Kootenay Company” and was stationed in Trail BC at that time. The photo includes CSM Robert Forbes, a former Cominco employee. At that time Cominco was known as the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (CM & S), since shortened to Cominco. Thanks, Gerry

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