Virtual Lecture: Camp 100

I am happy to announce that on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, I will be presenting a virtual lecture on the history of Prisoner of War Camp 100 (Neys) as part of the Thunder Bay Museum’s virtual lecture series.

This presentation will explore the history of Camp 100, an internment camp situated on the coast of Lake Superior, from its inception in 1941 to its eventual closing in 1946. Tracing the camp’s history from its origins as an internment camp for German combatant officers, I will examine how the camp was repurposed to house Enemy Merchant Seamen and Civilian Internees and, later, some of the most extreme Nazi prisoners interned in Canada. Relying heavily on archival records and historical photographs, I will explore what daily life was like for hundreds of German POWs who unexpectedly found themselves living on the North Shore of Lake Superior. 

For more information or to register, please click here.

For those unable to watch live, the presentation will be recorded and uploaded at a later date.

Published by Michael O'Hagan

Historian studying German Prisoners of War in Canada during the Second World War

3 thoughts on “Virtual Lecture: Camp 100

  1. Michael

    Will this talk be available online ?you tube? etc at a later date.  I
    live in the UK and your 7.30pm start time equates to 00.30 for me which
    is a bit late if I want to stay awake and follow it.

    John Cranmer

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