Waiting Out the War on the Shore of Lake Superior: Camp 100 (Virtual Lecture)

For those who missed my virtual lecture for the Thunder Bay Museum, my presentation on the history of Camp 100 (Neys) is now available for streaming.

If the embedded video is not working, you can access it here: https://vimeo.com/791187355

A special thanks to Michael Dejong and the Thunder Bay Museum for hosting and to all those who attended the live stream. It will take me some time but I will respond to all those who emailed me!

Published by Michael O'Hagan

Historian studying German Prisoners of War in Canada during the Second World War

2 thoughts on “Waiting Out the War on the Shore of Lake Superior: Camp 100 (Virtual Lecture)

  1. I worked for lands and forests in parks in 1968and had to go to the park at the gate house where pics of the site. And barb wire was still visible

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