November 11, 1944 – Camp 132


“The white and glistening snow that has freshly fallen seems to be an omen reflecting the purity of our hearts and the purpose of aims. We who have given and offered out lives for a just cause and have again and would again now, pause to pay our homage and tribute to those who have the same ideals as we have and have shown what they, like us, are ready to offer their lives and youth to maintain the right of free men and man’s right to freedom.

A Service was held in the Recreation Hall and the Corps was represented in the Parade and Service held in Medicine Hat. Our indefatigable Padre officiating at both Services. The Sergeants Mess gave a dinner to which were invited Col. Ellwood and the Company Commanders, the Padre, Administrative Officers and Medical Officer. It is reliably reported that it was a dinner that only the Sergeants Mess know how to make successful.”

– War Diary of Internment Camp 132 – Medicine Hat, Alberta
November 11, 1944.

While most November 11 war diary entries from the Veterans’ Guard of Canada mention attending a Remembrance Day service, this one stood out. The men of the Veterans’ Guard continue to amaze me for, as the entry above suggests, this was their second war. Despite their experiences in the First World War, some 10,000 of the veterans re-enlisted after war broke out in 1939. Although they may not have been on the front lines, these men did their duty with pride.

Lest We Forget.

Published by Michael O'Hagan

Historian studying German Prisoners of War in Canada during the Second World War

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