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Welcome to my blog! I am a historian interested in Canadian environmental, digital, and military history. Originally from rural Manitoba, I completed my undergraduate degree in history from the University of Manitoba, my M.A. from Western University, and my PhD from Western University.

My main research interest is the history of German prisoners of war (POWs) in Canada during the Second World War. Most of my research has focused on Manitoba’s Riding Mountain Park Labour Project (also known as the Whitewater Lake POW Camp – you can find more of this at www.prisonersinmb.blogspot.ca).

My PhD dissertation, “Beyond the Barbed Wire: POW Labour Projects in Canada during the Second World War,” examined German POWs in labour projects in Canada, primarily in Northwestern Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba. I focused on a series of case studies, including the Riding Mountain Park Labour Project (Whitewater Lake POW Camp), Ontario-Minnesota Pulp & Paper Co., Abitibi Power & Paper Co., Donnell & Mudge Ltd., and POWs working on farms. It is available for free download here: https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/6849/

If you have stumbled across this while trying to learn more about a specific prisoner, guard, or camp, or you have any questions, please get in touch! I am always looking for more information about POWs in Canada so if you have any stories, photographs, or information that you would be willing to share, please let me know.

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20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My father Jesse Rowan was sent out to the Riding Mountains camp prior to opening to set up the food service. He was there for a period of time after the prisoners arrived. He noticed after a short time that they were not used to canadian cooking. Prisoners with cooking experience were then allowed to start cooking on one day a week and there was a positive change.

  2. my grandfather was captain at a prisoner war camp Kananaskis in Alberta- just before the was so I think it was not exactly prisoners… but he kept a scrapbook and I have it with some pictures

  3. I have some interesting info bout canadian war criminals as my grandfather was in a group after the war that conducted trials in the Hague

  4. I have an enquiry about POW in a German prisoner of war camp. He was a British subject. I was wondering whether you could steer me in the right direction for help.

  5. My father was the person sent out to the Riding Mountain camp prior to its opening to set up the food services and was there for a period of time to oversee the their needs.
    Hope this is of use.

  6. Not sure if this fits . My Dad ran a Logging operation that had German Prisoners of war cutting wood known to us as camp 39. It was north of Ignace Ontario. Most of the photo’s were lost in a house fire in 1996. My oldest brother has a model of the Bismarck that was crafted by one of the men. My Mom recalls that they made things out of old milk tins including Kayaks.

  7. Hallo, mein Vater war in Ozada (POW); er ist auf dem des Zwiebelfarmers; ganz rechts.

  8. Hi, I’ve come across photo’s of the camp in Lethbridge my father took while serving as a private on tower duty in 1945. I also have all the negatives.

  9. Can you tell me if the following people were re-interred in Woodland Cemetery. I am researching the camp Located in Amherst ns. Thank you
    Alois Clemens 1/6/1915
    Emil kohnemann 16/6/1915
    Fritz Claus 24/6/191
    Herman scheifhaken 17/4/1916
    Karl Cast 22/5/16

    Otto Jonischkeit

    Kurt Beecher

    Paul Prietzel

    Joachim Tiedmann

    Josef Foreman

    Hinrich Harms
    1 4/1/19

  10. Hi Michael, my grandfather was pow for 4 years in camp 30. Do you have
    special informations about this camp? Lists of prisoners? Photos?


  11. Do you know the Camp Number and Name if any that was located north of the Roseau River Indian Reserve between Letellier & Dominion City MB?

  12. My gtandfather was PTE Walter C Scott (K51019) I am trying to track down what camp her worked at and was wondering if you had any databases?

  13. Michael, wish you well on your research, I post elsewhere on your blog, quick follow-up, my parents both germans returned to Canada and settled in London Ontario, some of us studied at Western There are 10 Sanio children, all within an hour of London

      1. I just discovered a 8 x 10 photo of Riding Mountain camp when it opened if you are interested

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